I do professional quality proofreading, as well as copy and content-editing, for your website, blog, resume, cover letter, college essay and more. I take a deeply personal approach to any document I review, and work my hardest to make sure that your writing and presentation are fresh, non-generic, and entirely representative of who YOU are.

“Becky helped me polish up my portfolio’s clean, cohesive, and professional. She was patient and helped me to understand why my grammatical mistakes were wrong.”- Tyler K.

“Becky took what was an okay resume and turned it into something I can actually be confident in! She was able to pick up on all the fine details my brain completely skipped over. When she finished, I had a resume that was clean, compelling and professional. I would recommend her copy-writing services to anyone looking for an edge in the professional world!”- Marc K.

I also offer dramaturgical consultations and services for theatrical scripts in any stage of development. From the first breath a play takes, to the closing curtain on a production, I can help to make sure that your story is meticulously planned, complete, and engaging. For more information, click here.