Professional Writing

From blogs to academic scholarship, and from social media marketing to copywriting, I’ve written it all.

You can find select marketing and copy contributions at:

Papercraft Miracles
Lakeward Spirits (Facebook page, prior to 2019)
210 Amlent Avenue Website
210 Amlent Avenue Facebook Page
Buffalo Mom Squad

And you can peruse some writing samples here:

Dealing with a Diagnosis
A personal pieces about my son, who has significant medical issues, and the journey we’ve been on.

When Sorrows Come: Death in the American Family Drama
My Master’s Thesis explores the women of four post-9/11 plays and the means by which they cope with either the death of a parent or a child.

The Class on Fire…
This educational blog focuses on the pedagogical benefit of selecting a primary text that is relevant, current, and fun in a Freshman Composition course.

Take My Advice
This playful piece takes a tongue and cheek look at the writing process, and my advice for getting the words onto the page.

Babywearing and PPD
A niche piece that I wrote for 2Lambie, a babywearing company that I’ve done several blogs and some marketing for.